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  • Hey, what's up man?!! Anything good going on? I saw your bump on the parts you're selling. Do you still have your LS?
    An M5 would be nice! My car is doing good. The engine light is on. Lincoln said it's because I have a K&N air filter and the car is getting too much air. I've had the thing on there for 4 years and the light just came on. I'm not sure if that is it or not but the car is running fine. Your car is looking really good. Are you planning on doing anything else to it?
    I will have some in the next few days. I have been working on the 02 so the 03 is looking really dirty. Plus i got me a new dslr camera that i have been waiting to try out.
    Going good man, tryin' to stay cool. This heat is crazy! The only good thing about this weather is my car stays clean. :) Any more pics of your LS?
    I had a leaking power steering pump. Transmission was shifting weird so I took her into the shop. $640 later, she's running great. Most of the cost was the pump. They changed the trans fluid and replaced the filter - no more shifting issues.

    Your car looks great! Nice upgrade on the front/back end.
    Well i didnt technically by another one. My best friend bought one. But i just stated it that way. I will have pics of them both in a thread very soon. Hows your ls holding up?
    Hey Man, I noticed your thread stated you bought another LS. Do you now have 2 or did you sell the first one? Any pics?
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