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    Been away from LVC for awhile

    I would have to send pics to someone who could load them to the websight.I like your avatar by the way.
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    Been away from LVC for awhile

    Thanks much.
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    Been away from LVC for awhile

    Hey everyone, been away for awhile and haven't played with the Mark viii.Still planning on putting the 5 speed in it but I bought a car that some of us older members may remember.Its a 1969 Mercury Cyclone 428 cobra jet car.Its build date was on my 8th birthday in 1968.Its a red and white car...
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    Yup, this will be the one.

    Its got too many doors and looks like a bus.Funny how BMW still makes two door coupes and they are beautiful.I'd rather piss away money on a beat up 69 cyclone long nose.
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    Gen1 projector and hid diy

    Oh by the way,Thanks for posting this DIYS.Its awesome.
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    Gen1 projector and hid diy

    You could set up shop that's only open at night for us Gen 1 guys who have to drive their cars at night with bad lights.You wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand.I have thought about making the clear lenses for these lights and I'm sure that would cut down on the amount of work required to...
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    Gen1 projector and hid diy

    I would buy a set of these in a heartbeat. Really nice work PIP.
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    1996 Mark8 trouble!!

    Very nice looking 96.Congrats.Tell your son don't bend it.
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    Coil Spring Conversion - cutting springs

    If I had it to do over I would have only cut half a coil.I cut one whole coil and I think it was too much.You can always cut it again,I cant
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    Derlin HID Adapters

    I have the mounts and would like the hid kit.Does it also come with destructions to install? TIA
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    Gen1 projector and hid diy

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    Project Headlight (pics)

    Thanks for that info. This is one outstanding thread.
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    Project Headlight (pics)

    Thanks for posting this thread.My headlights suck(Gen 1) Can this projector set up work on a Gen 1? I want a set of these.Anybody making them for Gen 1s?
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    New to LvC, recently new Gen I owner

    Beautiful 96 you have there. I have the same color combo on my 96 but its nowhere near as nice as yours.Congrats to you Gen 1 guys.
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    New guy with a '96 LSC

    Nice find you have there. The truck is awesome looking as well, even if its a gas hog.Welcome