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  • there are no parts for a j-mod, all you do for a j-mod is drill a few holes in your seperator plate which is in your transmission, no parts needed just 2 drill bits!
    no i dont have any corner lights and i have never taken one apart, pm nolimit95 he knows where you can get them brand new.
    I went to oriellys today and was able to buy a set of moog for 69 a piece.Their cost is 62. Had I known they would sell them that cheap I probably would have gone ahead and bought them back then.You doing ok down there?We may get more snow on monday and this is atlanta.We arent supposed to get snow.damn,just damn.
    well they cant be selling the same product anymore because they used to be great, like anything, times get tough, people start selling shyt product i guess. looks like i wont do business with them either.
    sounds like you did not get what is pictured in their add the ones i have bought from them are the trw and to save their ass they grind off the trw, but the ones they used to sell look identicle to the factory ones doesnt sound like thats what you got. email me a picture if you could i'll be able to tell you right away.
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