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    For Sale Gen2 LS Parts - You Pay Shipping / Free Pickup

    Sold my 2006 LS project car, and have some leftover stuff if anyone wants it. The car was a Florida car then moved to Chicago where it was barely driven, as such a lot of the stuff is in good shape. I also have acquired some spare stuff over the years that the buyer didnt want to take with the...
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    My last photoshoot with this car, cross-posting these here in addition to my build thread.
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    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    Hey everyone - I have decided to part ways with this project and pass it off to someone else. Local friend of mine bought her. He has always been there to help out and support this build, and is a fellow LS owner already, so the car is on good & deserving hands. He may continue my saga for...
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    Official LS Picture Thread

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    LS Withdrawals

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    For Sale LS Parts, MKS HID, Mark VIII Neon

    was wondering the same thing on those tails if they are gen2 LS LSE outers and still available, ill take them
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    Caging / Roll Bar for the LS - Discussion

    Thank you very much - super helpful! I agree the weight add on is worth the safety.
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    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    Something else has arisen since my last post. The car (trans) is just making a lot of hissing and mechanical noise now when in Reverse or Drive. Additionally, the driveline vibration has not subsided even after I have triple checked hardware and now alignment. So I think I have a...
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    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    I looked into alternate routing and couldn't gain confidence in leaving the OEM routing. Might revisit this again down the road though so thanks for the tips.
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    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    I can confirm AJV8's post for the bushings are correct. part# XR8-13260 is what I purchased. They are oem solid rubber and fit the LS sub frame. Good idea on the keyed door handles. All my doors still lock, albeit manually. Thank you for all the insight. I still like the idea of running the...
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    Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

    Was really nice out yesterday, so I took the LS out for a quick drive. I was able to improve the tracking of the car by manually adjusting toe. But I need to get this car on a rack for a proper alignment. I am still chasing my driveline vibration that begins around 68mph and unfortunately its...
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    What's a good tire(rubber) for this car?

    avoid the p4s in anything under 40 for best results
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    @dwiggy got the blower working in his gen2 motor swapped, gen1 LS. Search his name, he gives great pictures and info, albeit somewhat incomplete he has shown its possible to get the blower on the motor, among other things. (used a mustang v6 manual trans to convert his LS to manual too) Sounds...
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    both the information and deliverables you are requesting, as well as the appetite for the discussion of these topics likely left this forum years ago to join a larger population of like minded users who own different cars. That being said I hope you get the answers :)