Who likes these air ride systems anyway

If you don't want to invest in keeping your air ride going then why buy a Mark Vlll? This otta get some flack going.

Where's that smiley eating popcorn when you need it?

Just for the fun of it - here's my $0.03 (Canadian money isn't at par eh).

Ditched the air ride AFTER it became too expensive to fix, on a car that only cost me $1500 to buy. Cheap - maybe, this Mark will never be a classic, it's a daily driver. No sense spending :q:q:q:qloads of money just to keep it 'cool'. I appreciate the Mark 8 platform greatly, but this particular one was used+abused+neglected long before I got my hands on it. And in a year or so, I'm gonna do a Jamie on it.

And yep, I've bought a Tbird and Cougar as well, no air ride issues :D.
If I were to ever buy a mark VIII again I would NEVER do the coil conversion again! The car didn't ride the same & it's probably one of the reasons I sold it. Keep the air ride on her!
i just swaped to coils in mine. i had a random electrical problem somewhere and just tired of hunting for it. rides just a tad stiffer, but i like a stiffer suspension. now i just need to put some new rear shocks on.

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