where can OEM style replacement parts be acquired ?


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Apr 28, 2004
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Boaz, Kentucky, United States
I came here looking for advice or parts .. to specific related Classic issues .. but found it wanting .. so as I relate my thoughts .. to follow .. I have had .. and regrettably sold an Mark III .. Mark IV .. and a 77 Town Car .. bought them reconditioned them .. made them mine .. was offered a good profit . each time .. and let them go .. Now I have found decent examples .. that are pricey .. but being I am very proficient mechanically, and fair are recreating upholstery soft trim .. I still have to sub out body work .. but may try my hand at it .. I started researching .. OEM style parts availability.. carpets .. easy .. check .. maybe some dash pad cover are around .. If I can not match the look of the seating surfaces, well enough .. Im sure an professional shop could .. but what of things like molded kick panels .. arm rest supports I know I could eliminate them .. and just do custom .. more extended panels .. with backer board ..and leather with stitching .. but I can not find the trunk liners or carpets .. some trim pieces etc .. so that would mean .. when I could not find a suitable replacement . I would have to fabricate it . which is fine for myself .. but might it impact the saleability .. I wonder ?? Presently .. I have an Mark VII .. Convertible .. ( coach built ) several navigators .. 4X4 and 4X2 but most of what i have now are Gen 2 Mark VIIIs .. even a couple collectors editions .. in fact . building a custom C/E at the moment .. since a tree limb .. broke out the rear windshield .. on a garage kept .. LOW milage car .. so salvage title killed its value .. even though I have the before pics .. showing how minor the damage was .. it was still totaled .. because the insurance company .. did not attempt to source the glass . like I did .. so LOW milage C/E in perfect shape .. will exchange that triple white .. for color shifting paint .. so if some idiot .. decides to collide with myself .. I can reclaim ... the salvage value of the C/E and then what would cost close to 10K for that color shifting paint .. done professionally .. so should I plop down BIG $ for a nice survivor .. Mark III or IV .. and an 77 Town Car or try to acquire some "rougher" versions.. and bring them back to life .. and on the road .. with replaced items .. that I have to fabricate ?? and maybe flip .. if the offer is well enough .. and then simply repeat again ? or should I just be content .. with the Navis .. and Gen 2 Mark VIII's .. and just reminisce the memories ? I had even considered .. taking an body damaged Mark VIII driveline .. engine tranny, IRS .. anti-lock brakes .. and fabbing them onto a rough Mark III or IV .. especially as some I found are without engines and trannys .. and on the Town Car .. pulling the 460 3 speed .. to replace it with a Navi power plant of an 5.4 32 valve 4 speed .. so I would have an more economical Tru Interstate Cruiser .. I know I would keep and enjoy those .. and then leave them to the most appreciative heirs .. thought or comments .. or any info on other forums or part sources .. Since only social media .. I ever attempt is FakeBook .. If I can find it .. will attach pics of some of my Gen 2's and the VII vert .. and other tools ..
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