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Mar 18, 2008
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Unfortunately I had to buy a replacement car as my 95 Mark VIII just isn't suitable for winter driving with kids (wifes rules). It has 180,000 miles on it and honestly I know it is worth more in parts than it is whole because mine is a PIECE. The issue is we are renting and my parents don't want a parted out car sitting in their driveway which is understandable. That said, what are some valuable parts that I can remove from the car just before having the junkyard come and take it away to Mark VIII heaven? I have a list already based on some research I've done, am I missing any obvious or easy ones? Again, its a 95, medium willow green, grey interior.

Drivers seat track -
Passenger seat track -
Driveshaft ('93 one piece) -
Headlights -
Taillights -
Navigation Unit (Eclipse)
Back seats -
Cooling fan -
Alternator -
ABS pump? (or is 98 only valuable?) -

Thanks guys
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Climate control module
Windshield washer button with spring.
Wiper motors
Door handles

It's a gen 1.

Drivers seat track - Yes
Passenger seat track - Maybe
Driveshaft ('93 one piece) - Yes
Headlights - Yes if clear, non peeling
Taillights - Meh
Navigation Unit (Eclipse) Yes
Back seats - No
Cooling fan - Yes
Alternator - No
ABS pump? (or is 98 only valuable?) - IDK

I mean, everything is worth money if it works. But the work involved to remove said part may outway any financial gain. I'm not a gen1 guy but..

If in good condition-

Corner lights
Door handles
Front brow/Chrome Hood molding
Blower motor relay/module
Amp rear trunk latch

If the motor/tranny still runs/drives without issue try selling them with the shell after stripping what you can. It may be worth throwing up on cl for 5-700 depending on what left in good condition.
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