What Do I Do !@#$dammnit!


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Mar 25, 2008
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i drive an 04 lse 8 130k my Check Engine Light came on 3 weeks ago, shut her off and let it sit for 2 hrs, no light, this week i pushed the car and light came on, part source cleared the code but didnt tell me what it was, now light wont come back on but safe mode is on, I had a misfire at 120k and replaced 2 coils and plugs it feels like it did before original replacement, how can i check the code so i dont buy 8 coils n plugs and a crank postion sensor,
allready tried to check for pending codes with Mac tools EC 70.... no luck

stealership or try to make light come back on???
Wait till you get CEL and have the codes read and find out what the cause before throwing money at it.
too bad your not under 100k miles, I think you would be eligible for the recall.
So i took all your suggestions, to beat on the car wait and wait for the CEL to come on, this weekend i launched the car in sst and kept it matted till roughly 200k, no CEL, no engine stutter no smells, then driving up a 20% grade the stutter come HARD and i mean hard. Park the car for an hour and repeat the exact same route + speeds, no stutter, nothing

gonna clean the throttle body and fuel injectors today
still looking for any ideas
Real Interesting problem.

So it has a problem UNDER A LOAD.........

UNDER A LOAD.......can you repeat the problem? on the 20% grade?

Engine or transmission slip?

Everytime I had a problem with the engine under load is was related to the plugs ......

Sure sounds like a COP is going bad. It may fail do to some shorting out with the engine hot and maybe plastic expansion.
You're just gonna have to suffer through it like I did for almost two months. The CEL finally came on pin-pointing the bad coil.

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