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Nov 13, 2011
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Sin City, Nevada
Hello everyone its been a while since I last logged into LVC, but I'm glad to see some known names that are still posting. Anywho I'm back in the Mark 8 game since I just recently purchased a 97 LSC. She's Opal Opalescent with light graphite interior and an aftermarket moonroof also has 128k and yes the wheels will stay backwards until I can get to them.

it is a very clean car, now i just need to figure out why my rear lights dont turn on at night but my front ones do. no even the license plate lights work.
Congrats on the purchase. And Welcome back to LVC. Very good looking car. It is VERY clean. :cool:

Your lighting issue maybe involving a fuse. Check the fuses under the hood and under the dash. See if that helps.

Might want to pull some of the bulbs out to see if there are any dead ones. Others will chime in they are very smart people in here.

Keep on the updates.
thanks Svets96 I am very happy to be back, I thought this place was dead already but obviously it isnt. So Bruce Budnick called me and we fixed the issue, it was fuse number 31 for the running lights. I had told him my issue a few days ago and he figured it out. Thansk to him I have lights again. All is good.....for now.

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