Vinyl'd my center console


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Oct 26, 2013
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I work at Cabelas and got some vinyl sheets to wrap my center console. I'm gonna do the doors next. Duck Dynasty FTW


The camo is not my cup of tea but I like the idea and craftsmanship looks great,
Ya not a fan of camp, but looks as if you did a good job. How did you work around the different LED indicators (i.e. the seat warmers?)
Sorry, no likey but then I camo nothing.

I'd suggest trimming the stuff off the air vents, leaving a little ring around them, as in cut the hole for the louvered area so the hole has a 1/16 inch space between the vinyl and the vents. As it is, it's going to interfere with louver operation and this will eventually become a peel and tear zone. Cleaning up the vent holes will also help the rest of it lay a little better, as it looks like the louvered area is pulling on the outer edge. There's too many bends in too small an area there.
I've been told 3M Scotchprint 1080 is a good product for trim mods/wrapping.

Some have even used the product to cover a whole roof.

I've been looking for something, or someway, to get the interior aluminum trim on my 64 Galaxie's door panels back to original.

No luck so far.
Other than the vents and around some of the curves that looks awesome. My ls is the first car I've ever had, only ever driven trucks so i was curious if this would look good and redneck it up a bit. Good to see somebody had the balls to do it. I'll definitely be doing mine. On a side note the guys at Duck Commander are sponsored by Realtree
I only expect someone who'd do this would still listen to a cassette tape!!! :p

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