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Mar 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
As you may have noticed, I started changing the structure of the forums a little. (look at the cars section of the forums) What I would like is everyones opinion. This is your board too and I want your input..... Help me improve the place!

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Very good, I like it. I guess you could lump it in "other models" but Cadillac Fleetwoods were a great car(RIP) and might deserve a heading, depending on traffic........Tom
This one had a version of the L1 Corvette motor

I like it all so far! Easy to navigate and now even easier to find stuff pertaining to your specific ride ! Good stuff guys! :V
I think the site looks GREAT! Its one of the best sites Ive seen -- you just need more people here.

EVERYONE take a minute, and email some of your friends - If everyone brought 2-3 friends - we would have a ton of members and posts and the place would be hopping.

Stop putting it off --- Get to emailing!

I like it. I agree with caddy master we need more people. This site has ALOT of potential. I also must agree with exile, if the TC has a heading its arch rival the fleetwood should also.

Thanks for this great site.
Joeychgo said:
Fleetwood is already there guys!

Don't I feel stupid now. Thats what I get for :Beer :D :p when I get home from work. It impairs my brains ability to do brain function stuff...

I'm goin to bed. :Bang
LOL --- I knew I would get you !!!!!!!!!!!

I put it in right after your last post....... :N

Tee Hee......

ALl we need now are some caddy people for you guys to play with in your shiny new forum!
I like the way the forum looks now and I like the new "class, style, attitude" header. Lookin good.

Go :V
a suggestion

Looks Great - thank you for the wonderful site.

Questions, comments and suggestions:

* Does it have to quote the previous post when you hit "reply?" I usually delete the quote to avoid duplication of the prior posts (I note others doing this and when there's pictures it takes some scanning to read).

* When submitting a reply the options to "submit reply" or "Previw Posts" are pretty far down (need to scan to select the option). I know this is due to the smiley icons which are cool but wonder if there's a better way to set this up.

Overall, great place to hang out and I'll keep my suggestions coming (I pointed out the issue on downloaded pictures before) - but I'm really happy to be part of your site. When I'm done with my current move I'll spend more time helping out and posting here. My escrow is scheduled to close on May 20th - until then I'll pop in when I can.

THis is the newest version of the board software -- and is literally one month out of release. THere are a few small bugs -- one are the buttons. There is a reply button next to edit........ DONT click that unless you want to quote the previous thread -- if you look to the left on the other side there is a bigger button that says Post Reply -- thats the one you want for replying without quoting........

IM hoping these little glitches will be fixed at some point....

You will see changes in the upcoming weeks as we continue to design and redesign the header, and eventually start playing with the colors on the site. We are also talking about building a store, where you can buy stuff at a discounted rate if your a Full Member. Also look forward to the chat room becoming more refined at some point. We are going to start having some scheduled chat times - I think the first is next tuesday at 7:00pm CDT -- check with spidar on that one, hes kinda leading the pack on that one.

IM also looking for ideas -- how else can we make the site great? My attitude is I want us to have the latest and greatest features --- so anyone with an idea for something cool for the site, let me know...no matter how wacky it might be.

Listen, This site is here for the MEMBERS. If you all want something and we can provide it, you will have it. Its that simple. Being a new site, we are able to do many things a more established site cant. You all are in on the ground floor and we are looking to you all for your thoughts, opinions and help. We are not much of a site without you, and we realize that.

Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and support. Now, go out and find a few friends to bring here so we can get bigger and bigger!!!
Ah, Post Reply works much better (Thanks!).

I'll let you know as I think of more improvements, I know this is a format in flux and expect we'll only get better/stronger.

Thank you!
Yep -- at least thats what im trying to do, better & stronger. With your help, we can become the best, by far.

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