Survey what oil do you run?


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Sep 25, 2008
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Curious what oil you run. I have run recommended from the manual: 5w30 conventional oil. No issues, no leaks.

Thinking with almost 150k miles, of running high mileage synthetic.

I found this post stating to run 10w30 full synthetic:
which oil

While searching found PSB which stated 5w20:
1998 Lincoln MARK VIII (4.6L 8 -cyl Engine Code [V] 32-valve V) Motor Oil, Filters and Lubricants - AMSOIL.

What do you find works best with our motors and if you run synthetic, how often do you change it and filter?
I run 5w30 full synthetic, with a factory Motorcraft FL820S oil filter. It has the anti drain back valve. Very good oil filter from my perspective.

This past change I ran Motorcraft Synthetic oil. I think I'm going to start running Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic or Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic next years oil change. I'll also look at other brands to. I'm interested in what you and others are running.

My car is a summer only car, so I change the oil every other year, before it goes into winter storage.

I think with the InTech V8's as along as you run a quality oil your golden. Especially since its a tight tolerance performance engine.
By the way starting in 2000 Ford started to put 5w20 into engines because they got a very slight increase in mpg. Only thing is it doesn't protect as good as 5w30.

My '06 F150 from the factory takes 5w20 I switched to 5w30 and the engine runs a lot quieter. Go figure. Its a 3 valve.
Thanks Svets!

What about the rest of you? what oil do you use? The link I found stated 10w30 synthetic
The few times I'v changed it, I use Mobil 1 5w30. I normaly do 5K on the change out but the oil looks pretty clean in this engine at 5K so I'm thinking to see what the Mobil looks like at 7K for change outs. Mobil recommends up to 15K but I wouldn't go over 10K at very most.
I've been running Mobil 1 now since the late 70's, currently using 10W-30 in everything, now that I'm in Arizona. Used to use 5W-30 in NJ. I change the oil every 10K miles, or yearly, whichever comes first. Current cars, 98 Mk8, 2008 Expedition, and 1992 Cherokee don't leak, or burn any oil on those changing schedules. Back in the seventies, Mobile 1 was only available to me in 5W-20 weight, and didn't cause any leaking or oil burning in the '66 Mustang 289 either. Of course, that was a long time ago. I use the Motorcraft oil filter that is recommended. Mk8 I think has about 125K miles on it. Expy about 150k, and cherokee, 43K. Mk8 only needs the blend door fix, but right now I'm just running a cord to pull the little lever down so I have heat over the winter.
Thanks guys, what about the rest of you?

Anyone use high mileage synthetic? I have always run Pennzoil conventional and now thinking of high mileage synthetic. When its on sale its only $8 more than conventional.
Thanks guys, what about the rest of you?

Anyone use high mileage synthetic? I have always run Pennzoil conventional and now thinking of high mileage synthetic. When its on sale its only $8 more than conventional.
That's what I'm using,10w-30 yearly change about 3-4k miles.
Well, I don't have my Mark anymore but I used to run Mobil 1 0W-20.

I have a '96 Cobra now and I run that in it.
Thanks guys keep these coming!

I bought the FL820S filter from Ford for $9.62 CAD + 0.35 environment fee and that was with a 20% trade discount. Did I mention our 13% tax? WTF

Just looked at Rock Auto for $3.79 USD.

No matter how you calculate the exchange, Canadians are getting screwed immensely. On top the gov't then want duties/taxes on anything imported of $20CAD. I believe US citizens can import $800USD duty free and only start paying duty above that.
The long story. My Dad always used Valvoline, so once I plugged all the holes in my 1st car, a 1956 Ford Ranch Wagon, I too started using it. The 292CID V8 in this car requires adjusting the valves every 10 thousand miles, which requires removing the valve covers. At some point I decided (or was talked into) using Quaker State. When time came to set those valves I removed the the valve covers and was astonished at the sludge that had built up, I used at least 1 roll of paper towels just wiping the stuff up not realizing until it was all put back together that the condition probably existed through out the entire engine. I went back to Valvoline and 10,000 miles later the sludge was gone. In fact, it was cleaner than it had been when I last put the covers back on. I latter tried Pennzoil (I didn't move to Pennsylvania til decades later) with the same results as the Quaker State, and again followed it up with Valvoline with the same clean enough to cook on results. I have stuck with Valvoline ever since. I can't remember exactly when, at least 10 years ago, I started using synthetic blend Valvoline in the Escorts and the '56, and shortly after we acquired our Lincoln 3 years ago I switched to 10-30 full synthetic for high mileage engines for the Escorts and the Lincoln as all three of them have over 220,000 miles.

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