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Aug 25, 2004
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my 1992 cadillac eldorado touring coup has the sunroof/moonroof/astroroof/whatevertheheckyawannacallit.
I'm not sure what you call it, but ya know that "thing" you can pull across the sunroof to block the sun....

anyway, the rest of my headliner is fine, but the liner on this thingie is sagging a bit. Anyone know how to get that peice out? Please tell me you don't have to pull out the ENTIRE headliner!!! Or is there some easy fix out there.

I rarly actually close that thing, so ya never see it...but it still bothers me.....i like for my caddy to be perfect.... ;)

I really depends on how it is situated. If it is held in with front and rear pins, sometimes you can pull the front pins out through an opening and the rear is self explanators, or if it is in a track, sometimes there is a some leway and you can angle it out of there, or if it is precisely set in a track you may have to drop the headliner.
Maybe it could be glued with headliner adhesive --thats a spray with a tbe like what comes on a WD 40 can so a very smaill hole in the material and you can get the tube in to spray behind -- Not sure if I explained it right -

Finally fixed this, I'm Posting instructions in case anyone else has this issue:

1992 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coup....might work on other models/years

Notes: You cannot just spay glue under the old liner, because it is just like regular headliner, it is backed with foam, once it starts sagging this is because the foam has started to come apart...glue will not hold this. The liner has to be replaced.

1. Put the sunroof in the "vent" Position
2. Slide sunshade all the way rear-ward
3. Look at the front of the sunroof, right under the glass, there are small screws, remove them, then slide this metel peice all the way rear-ward.
4. Now look on both the left and right sides of the sunroof, right under the glass, there are 3 large screw on each side, remove them all completely.
5. Now, go up top, and (carefully) remove the glass panel and put it somewhere safely out of the way, paying attention to which is the front side.
6. Now (from the top of the car), slide the sunshade, and metal peice halfway forward.
7. pull the sunshade out from under the metal peice, clearing the sunshade stops at the rear of the sunshade. You will need to slightly rotate the sunshade to get it out completly.
9. Remove the old liner, along the front, simply pul it out from the holder, on the sides, remove the tape and pull the liner off, at the rear, remove the metal clip, and remover the liner. You will also need to pull the plasit handle out with just snaps in place.
10. Take a wire brush and get off as much of the old foam as you can, don't worry about getting all of it off, you never will.
11. Cut Out a peice of new headliner (I got mine at Hancocks Fabric, $8.69 a yard, only takes one yard) that is slightly larger than the sunshade.
12. lay both peices out, and spay headliner glue over each piece, then let them set for about 5 min.
13. Carefully lay the headiner on the sunshade, starting at one end and working your way to the other, BE CAREFUL, once the headliner hits the sunshade, the glue STICKS, you can't move it around.
14. Cut the back side even with the sunshade and clip the long metal clip back one, slowly, from one side the the other to prevent the liner from bunching up.
15. fold the side back over cut them so the overlap onto the back about 1 inch, and tape them down with thin strips of duct tape, the real shiney stiff, not the other kind, go back over it with either back paint or black tape, so it doesn't show.
16. Cut the front side to it is about 1 cm past the sunshade, using a puty knife, push the liner into the holder, working again, fro one side to the other.
17. Now flip the headliner back over, and feel for the hole where the handle sanps in. Carefully cut an "X" in that hole slightly smaller than the actual hold, and snap the plastic handle back in.
18. THATS IT! reinstall the headliner, in and the glass. You will need to adjust the glass so it's fluch when it closes. This is done by those 6 large screw that hold the glass in.


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