steering/suspension issue


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Aug 21, 2019
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Between 40-60 mph my lincoln has squirrely steering when driving over uneven surfaces, does anyone know what the issue is? Rack and pinion, sway-bar links, upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rods are all new on the front end with an alignment also...2002 V8 Lincoln LS
so it sounds like my lower control arms??. hmm...i should have replaced them when I did my upper probably...damn
I'm just suggesting them as a possibility. It could be something else, but I do know that when the bushings in the front lower control arms start to fail, it has a big impact on steering. I wouldn't say that they are difficult to change, but you have to use all new hardware, and you have to do an alignment.

Speaking of which, you did use new Nylocs on all the parts you replaced so far? If not, things may be loose, which would also impact steering.
Just because I had to go the worse case first fixed route due to money and eventually did it right and replaced any suspension part with a rubber bushing anything less than new and everything collectively makes it squirrelly just in a unique way. For instance, the upper control arms made it feel like and old pick up with way too much play and it would randomly pull one side or other. The tie rod ends made it impossible to get aligned good or at least drove with that unaligned feel. My rear tow links ( I think thats what they're called would make it hard to control at higher speeds and badly while it rained. And i think the lower control arms would make it swerve outta the blue after driving fine and randomly in time and the way it would swerve. Just saying from my experience. Maybe it will help somebody

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