SST Trans filter change and more questions


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May 8, 2021
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Hey everyone. I got my friends 02 LSE 3.9L with the SST transmission. He wanted to save a buck so he had his shade tree mechanic???? ( Flunkies) change filter and fluid. Well that did be not go over to good he has put from my count 13 quarts of fluid on in it, yes I said 13 quarts. From what I understand it only needs 11,I'm still unsure of that,but unlike him I would research it before hand. Now there is more problems, like it won't shift in to 3rd or 4th gear. If he starts the car togo anywhere he can shut it off for fear of not starting again.. Now I'm not sure what transmission he has in it it's the SST.and it's in a LSE with 3.9L .I have a base 01 LS with the 3.9 in it but I'll don't know if they are the same ones. I know they had put 2 or 3 different transmissions in these cars ,
So to the point here is .What trans would have in it.
How much fluid should go in just to drop the pan and change filter
If and I say a strong if if the trans is fudged up now what is cost to rebuild one and how hard is it to drop out of the car and R and R.. I know my way around my 01 and most of his but I never did a trans on these can anybody please help or would it be best to let it go to a shop. Mind you this guy likes to save a buck so .I can't say it won't be a fly by night show
There were only ever really two different transmissions used, with two variants of each (four total). The variants were just one housing to fit the V6, and one housing to fit the V8. There was the 5R55N for the 1st gen LSes, and the 5R55S for the 2nd gen LSes. SST or not was still the same transmission. Only the shifter inside the car, and the programming in the PCM was different for one or the other.
Long story short, your friends 02 V8 sport has exactly the same transmission as your 01 V8 base.

It's a bad idea to have anyone without 5R55N experience to have touched it. Rebuilding one is about $2K. Fly by night will only end in tears.
I think you mean MORE TEARS. Thank you for clearing that up . I knew there was a few transmissions, I didn't know they was the same thing in away. And yes I did also know that it cost a good chunk of change to replace it also.Now this what I was talking about doing a little research before beforehand. I'm not the lightbulb in the crayola box but my daddy said measure and cut once thank you for enlightening me.
Now for the big questions. How hard will it be to swap out the transmission on it IF fingers crossed if it needs to be replaced? I feel for the guy he's got so much invested so far I would love to give him at least a little good news. I'm giving him my garage and labor if it's not to much of a task I have done many transmission in my years I'm not afraid of the work just the cost it will be on him.
I don't think that it's any worse to do than any other car, if you have a lift.
Wonderful thank you so much. Always good information from you. You do know your Lincolns

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