Squeaking chirping sound in the dash all the time..


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Mar 25, 2007
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This has been going on for years, and it seems to have gotten louder, faster, and who knows how long it keeps doing it when ive exited the car..
I really wanna unplug whatever it is, im sure it has something to do with the hvac, but ive looked in there with the radio out and dont see anything and of course its never making that noise when im looking for it.
Anyone know what this is, how to access it, fix it or disable it?? Im pretty sure its another something that could drain the battery and only seems to start making noise with the car off.
Check out the vid, sound is coming from top center dash

That's a bad air door actuator. Unfortunately, the whole dash has to come out to change most of them. Do the self diagnostic from the DATC, and it should identify which one it is.

The DATC module self-test through the front panel display:

  • can be initiated at any time. Normal operation of the system stops when the self-test is activated.
  • is entered by pressing the OFF and DEFROST buttons simultaneously and then pressing the AUTO button within 2 seconds. Record all DTCs displayed.
  • concludes by reporting all on-demand DTCs. Follow the diagnostics procedure given under ACTION in the DTC index for each DTC given.
  • reports individual on-demand DTCs as 4-digit DTCs (less the alpha character).
  • will calibrate all the mode doors and check all analog inputs. The DATC module will only report on-demand (hard) faults that occurred while the DATC module was conducting its self-test.
  • will light all control panel display segments if no faults are detected.
  • will report individual on-demand DTCs without the °C symbol lit.
To exit the self-test, press the DEFROST button. This will clear all on-demand codes from the DATC module memory. If no button is pushed, DTCs will continue to be displayed.
thanks joe, is there a fuse i can pull to disable these? if it takes out the hvac cluster i dont even care at this point.
Im at the point of pulling a fuse or cutting some wires to get it to stop.
these are the codes, your general basic ones we all get, nothing about which blend door. its just squeaking and squirtling from the time the key goes in till who knows when which i suspect is what just drained the battery.

2796, ??
2426, solar sensor
2798, driver side dccv, though the dccv is brand new i put in a few years ago motorcraft yg378
B2796 = Driver Solar Radiation Sensor Circuit Open
(B2476 = Pass Solar Radiation Sensor Circuit Open)
Note that B2798 will keep the system awake longer.

Guess the actuator that's grinding is still moving eventually.

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