Speaker Swap - Suggestions Please


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Mar 12, 2016
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Hello everyone,

First off - I know nothing about car audio. So beginner terms, please.
I've been thinking about treating my Mark and I to an audio upgrade. Now - I bought my '95 Mark with a torn seat, a Bee Gee's greatest hits in the glovebox, and no amplifier. So that's a drawback, but if it's absolutely needed - I will pick one up accordingly. I'd like to replace the 5x7's, 6x9's, and maybe tweeters. I listen to electronic stuff mostly; EDM, vaporwave, pop, etc. So the bass needs to be crisp, and deep. I'd also like to hear the mids and treble (I say this because it seems like everyone with an audio upgrade ONLY upgrades with a sub). I'm not looking rattle my car apart, but I do want to feel the bass. I also, don't want to break the bank. So, please - hit me with some speaker and amplifier suggestions!

Other than the speakers themselves, I will be installing them myself. I've never installed speakers in a car, only home entertainment stuff, but I need to learn somewhere. So if someone could hook me up with a wiring diagram, or a..how to step-by-step with illustrations by Dr. Seuss.

I appreciate those who read! Thanks, y'all!
I bought a set of these:

JL Audio C5-570

Never installed them though. Gave them to my son, for his prelude.

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