So my Mark VIII ran a quicker time than my ETC did


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Apr 4, 2006
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Albuquerque, NM
Went to the track today, 6300ft. density altitude. Best slips were 2.466 60', with a 15.91 @ 90.02, then a :q:q:q:qty 2.633 60' ending in a 16.020 @ 90.27, maybe if I'd had a better launch it could've done 15.8s. My ETC's best time is a 16.001 @ 89.945. Both are an iota away from stock. So while the Mark went faster than the ETC, it took 1700ft better density altitude to do it.

Oh yeah, do any of you know if the NHRA requires a blow down tube in a Mark VIII? I heard you need a blow down tube if it's in the drivers compartment, and that the trunk is considered a part of the drivers compartment since there are usually speaker holes in the back deck. But we don't have speaker holes. So do we need a blow down tube? Meant to ask the tech guy today but I forgot. I would like to make a couple passes on a 50 shot next weekend before they close.
Don't know about the blow down tube, but if you're running nitrous, you're gonna need a fire jacket and gloves.
Elevation sure does. My friend picked up 1.1 seconds just from going from ABQ to Phoenix.
Hiya Davey, not much you? My dad says a Northstar Cadillac would be an unwise investment unless you're I'm kinda bummin about that. Oh well, he can't tell me what to buy.

Oh, I forgot, I've been on here since about June of '05. That was when I looked at a '94 Town Car Executive Series and opened my eyes to Lincoln. :)

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