SCIL problems solved I got info

Be careful doing the “master reset” on the PATS. Ford made a running change halfway through the 1997 YM. Before the change you only needed one key and you are good to go. After the change you have to have 2 differently coded keys to be able to start the car. Doing a reset on a 2 key PATS with only one key will leave you stuck like chuck.
Dude you got the SCIL's to pay the bills dawg! Anyways I have no daytime running lights but I can turn the headlights on and off with the switch, and after the car warms up I have no control of the headlights on or off. They stay on and cannot go off without turning off the key. Also the lights don't flash at all when I lock the doors with the fob, just horn chirps but no lights flash at all which I know that they are supposed to. I wonder if I got a SCIL problem?

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