Pcm gone?

Gerald Moore

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Apr 9, 2019
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So right before I replaced my transmission the car worked reverse and auto for a day. So after checking codes I got p0010 and p0020 for the actuators. Fixed them the codes returned loss reverse. Then etc safe mode, electric parking brake and actuator codes return but goes in reverse. Is the pcm going on it? If so is it worth replacing?
Those don't sound like the typical PCM failure.
The EPB has its own module, those codes come from it, not the PCM. It is normal to get complaints from it after a battery disconnect.

Your wording is not clear to me as to what happened when.
So the epb will cause the transmission to act weird?

No. Why do you ask that?

You said that you had one or more of the Electronic Parking Brake codes coming up, did you not?
I was pointing out that that/those EPB code(s) didn't come from the PCM, and are not related.

It sounds like you have some wiring faults (related to the other codes).
Yeah anytime epb come on the transmission, cam actuator act odd.

What, exact, codes are you getting for the EPB? If it's one related to loss of comms on the databus, that could narrow down where the fault is.
The codes i get when the epb acts up is p0010 p0020 p2106 after turning the car off and on the codes go away.
The codes i get when the epb acts up is p0010 p0020 p2106 after turning the car off and on the codes go away.

None of those are epb codes.

B1317, B1318, B1342, U1027, U1040, U1051, U1058, U1134, U1262, and B2477 are possible epb codes, but those can come from other modules too, so it is important to verify which module they are coming from on the scan tool.
C1094, C1132-C1135, C1408, C1409, C1700-C1803, and C1987-C1989 are all epb codes.

Note that a generic scan tool will not pull these codes.

What actual EPB codes are you getting?
It's the transmission that's causing everything. Time to replace it or get a different car.

Well, that's crazy. Transmission issues wouldn't cause VCT codes, unless perhaps you have shorted some of the transmission sensor wiring and that is shorting out the PCMs reference supply to some of the engine sensors.

If you really want help with this, then you need to clearly explain what has happened.

Did the car ever run correctly for you?
What problems did you first have?
What did you do?
How did the problems change after you did what you did?

You need to answer all of this and then some.
Well it first the pcm relays were corroded causing issues. Fixed that the reverse and auto went out on the transmission. Randomly start working got the other problems popping up. I am done with it. All this with in a few months.

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