Okay, anyone using the spare tire well of the late mkviii for a tool box?


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Jul 4, 2015
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Arid zona
Had my second flat go beyond repair, and going through the nonsensical mount the space saver to the front tire, and move the front tire to the back ridiculousness. I will order a real wheel and spare, and relegate the donut to the garage shelf. But then have the hole where that little spare fit, now too small for a standard tire (which, of course, the cavernous trunk has no trouble holding).
Any known tool 'boxes' that fit into that hole, so I can bury them under the floormat when not in use?
Good question, I like keeping a small set of tools in the trunk myself and one designed to fit in the cavity where the donut and jack sti would be awesome.
Canvas bags that quickly become oil canvas bags in no time... Giving me water resistance and no rust issues.... My suggestion compartmentalize each set wrenches, sockets, rachets/extensions, my socket bag fits in my rachet bag, fits in my wrench bag, nested as i go and it bundles up nicely. Even in the dark i can find what i am looking for... Color coded canvas bags are nice, and rothco is the company making canvas bags since world war II... Great zippers, strong material, and you get oil canvas which is not cheap for free all you have to do is actually use the tools... I am a master at organization of small spaces... I had 07 civic hybrid been building houses out of it for 7 years... Deer jumped out said hey buy a lincoln ls.... If i can fit a 22 foot ladder in a civic hybrid along with table and chop saw and stands you can for sure fit it into the truck of a lincoln



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