Noise on cold start

So do I have a fuel problem? And if it is a fuel problem, what would cause the noise? I just want to make sure I'm not damaging anything. Should I look at changing the fuel pump?

I think you would first need to repeat your experiment several times to rule out coincidence.
I've noticed that my gas cap doesn't click like it used to, but if my gas cap was malfunctioning I would get a check engine light, correct?
If it was fuel related, I would think you would have hard start issues in the cold and not a noise when it starts up. The car would crank but not fire. You really need to listen to the exact area where the noise is coming from to know what is causing it.
I think I'll go ahead and buy a gas cap... I'm assuming they click for a reason, and mine no longer clicks. I'll see if that makes a difference.
My 2005 v8 did the same after oil change...figured out i was about half quart low and it went away...i only put in 6.5 qts with filter change and this noise started happening...added the other half qt. And all was good
I did a fresh oil change, 5w 20 Purolator filter... started up to check op and leaks and all was fine. Cleaned the Dip stick and checked and it read full.

So I don't believe its low...

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