no ls' in hawaii


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Sep 10, 2006
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Does anyone have an explanation for this? I've been here, in Waikiki for about a week and haven't seen one LS. There is one Lincoln dealer in Honolulu, but I have yet to see an LS around here.
I don't think they left the continental United States what so ever.

Ones in Canada could have been sold privately to individuals and dealers brought to the country rather than being distributed there.

Who knows this is just a guess and maybe you will find some eventually.
They were sold in europe and japan. Somewhere on cardomain, someone has a right hand drive LS.
I thought they weren't sold in Europe at all and the Japan thing was a Myth?

I thought the Two Tone gen 1 lights were labeled as JDM but not really anything JDM?

The right hand drive LS does sond interesting. I need to find that one.
How could we figure out the production numbers outside the US?
I did a search on Autotrader and there are only 4 listed within 500 miles of Honolulu.
No it hasn't been and I did use the search function as well as googles search engine.
Ok, I ended up seeing one on H1, leaving Hanauma Bay. It was a silver 04/05 V8 sport.
Hi I am from Saudi Arabia
we have 2 lincoln ls 2004 for me, and 2005 for my younger brother
and my father has a Lincoln town car 2005
I see at least 1-2 on the rode everyday, mostly V8's, and the classifieds will usually have 1 listed for sale. Not much of a secondary market, never saw any customized, and with the exception of 2, drivers appeared to be over 40yrs old.

Lastly, Waikiki is a place to go only if you absolutely have to.
I thought the 2000 Lincoln ls Cup holders SUCKED.... LOOK AT THE RIGHT HAND DRIVES LOL!
I was in Hawaii, specifically Waikiki, and on Kauii last February, and saw one cruising thru Honolulu late one night.
It was a blinged out black one.
was there in october for 1 week and saw 1 silver gen 1.

you don't have to drive 10 seconds to see a v6 mustang convertible though! i was renting one myself. the lincoln felt like an indy car after driving the stang for a week. was nice to have the sun though. (HMMM so who's the brave soul that will chop the roof? Kleen, PS?)

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