No Deneau???

... remembered it all...
step one, disconnect battery.

Step 2:
Sell LS on craigslist for $2,000. Put money towards down payment on new car.

Anybody have owlmans phone number?
We could put some effort towards getting both GEN's workshop manuals uploaded to LvC with Joey's permission.

a bit of work ... it would include extracting all pages from the CD's, correcting HTML reference links and uploading all images.
well Big, you let us know when you have that all ready to go...
I didn't know it was down. Nobody sent me a PM haha. Account should be in good standing, so I don't know why it says that---I opened a ticket with the webhost.

(And yeah if LvC wants to host a copy of the manual too, contact me admins. I can zip up the pages I have online and send them over or whatever.)

Edit: Server is back online now.
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thank you sir!!

thats one of the few resources critical to keeping an LS on the road!
well Big, you let us know when you have that all ready to go...

Mouthy and Lazy ... we know we can always count on you!

the practice of being or tendency to be negative or skeptical in attitude while failing to offer positive suggestions or views.
Huh, never knew who owlman was. It looks like you haven't posted actively since 2012, so being a newer member, I have an excuse :)

But thanks for getting the manual back up, and quickly at that. You know we all appreciate it ("we" being those of us who come here to actually read). Did the host give any reason for the account suspension?

correcting HTML reference links and uploading all images.

Many of the links on Deneau don't work. If someone explained how to fix it, I'd be willing to take a crack at cleaning it up. I'm guessing it's just a matter of finding the link's intended page and replacing the old, wrong address with the new one. Of course, I could be wrong
Happy to help. Web host changed server IPs or something and screwed up. I only pay $6/year so you get what you pay for I guess... :p

The webpages come from the 05-06 Ford-Lincoln-Mercury Windows repair manual program, I got it from a site which is now dead but you can find torrents for it or people selling dvds on ebay with the same software.

As for the broken links, yeah you have to navigate using the left side menu. Honestly I don't remember why the links are wrong, I uploaded it over eight years ago! Time flies.
Owl, your inbox is full

I checked TPB, KAT, and Torrentz. While both have the 05/06 FLM file you're talking about, none have seeders (though they're probably the same file), so that doesn't look like an option right now

Broken links are better than no links, so there's always that

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