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Aug 10, 2015
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hey fellas, just pucked up my second mk8 this year 97 lsc black on black sensor lowered just learning the forum need a little help to get off the ground.
q. is there an air ride control for 97 inonly see 96 and under??

q. my car seems to retard timing or slow down acceleration when i accel slowly? my 98 did not do that... will post video tomorrow. also i found these 17x9 cobra r's on ebay 500 shipped 5x108 ;) and they have more!!! 20151216_080501.jpg


Dude, awesome anti-gravity mod you got going on! :)

In all honesty, it is a nice looking LSC you've got there! Welcome to the MKVIII insanity.
once you go mark viii you never go back to mustang damn sport luxury touring coupe is f-ing awesome, here is my first 98 lsc20151207_122122.jpg

actually knew the wheels would fit based off of a couple of your guys comments on here 17x9 is a very wide tire 275-45-17 on all 4 corners and the offramps are a joke with these on there love this thing.
Great pics but had to hold monitor upside down to view as I'm too old to stand on my head! Anyone got any longer cables??? I love me a black Mark...
car is like a ferrari on the highway so low to the ground and lean that seat back and rest your head back, now all it needs is for me to install my ceramic powerdyne and blast that baby.
Nice ride... I have a 98 black on black... they are the most stalker looking cars. I just finished doing 410 posi swap. It is a must!

What did you have to do to get the cobra wheels to fit? I haven't looked in it. They do look good...
they are 5x108 so they bolt up but you need hub centric adaptors and i had to remove rear wheel well skirts.
Now u r just pissn it away. Lol that is just the hate in me. Lol

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