Need replacement driveshaft


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May 20, 2018
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Central nj
I have a 2004 Lincoln LS Premium V8 and I love the car but it has been vibrating from the Driveline for a while now. I removed the driveshaft yesterday and the center support shaft bearing and the rubber is in good shape but the universal joint has a notchy spot in it. I am a mechanic and I know that the universal joint is not meant to be replaced. With that being said I cannot find a replacement driveshaft anywhere or even a listing on any Ford OEM Parts websites. What are other owners of Lincoln LS cars doing for replacements?
I suspect that your best shot is the local junkyard. (I'd rather put a new one in too, but...)
Go to a driveshaft specialist. 20 years ago when the u-joint on my XR4Ti got notchy I had a driveshaft shop weld new joints onto the shaft. Shaft was similar to the LS. GUIBO (rubber isolator) near the transmission, shaft, u-joint with staked bearing caps, center bearing, slip shaft and differential. I used that replacement shaft for another 5 vibration free years. I used Universal Joint service in Rutherford NJ because they were near me. I'm sure other driveshaft companies can do this. Since your in NJ I'd try Universal (Rutherford); Drive Line services of NJ (Clifton NJ) or MR Driveshaft (Wall NJ).
ok they said 575 and they are going to call me back and tell me how long it will take. hopefully this will help some other ls owners because I came up dry when looking for a shaft. ford shaft is discontinued. my other option was to torch it out and find a joint that will fit but heating the shaft will most likely distort the metal.

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