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Feb 1, 2011
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Illinois valley
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I'm sure the community of members around here has changed a bit since I was last active around here. I had a 2006 that was involved in a wreck in the fall of 2011 and ended up parting it out. Been a 2006 LS owner since July of 2008 and after 8 years I am finally selling my current LS and am getting rid of all misc parts that I still have laying around.
The LS that was parted out had 46k Miles on it when it was wrecked.

If you are interested in any parts please private message me. Send offers if you are serious.

Here is a photo containing the list of parts that I still have. Over the next few days as I pull out everything LS related that I own I will likely be adding other parts to the list.


All transactions will be done thru PAYPAL
Thank you-
I also have a set of factory springs that came off of my current LS when it had 20k miles on it.
Here is a photo containing the list of parts that I still have.

Some people have trouble viewing pictures on this site especially those that are hosted elsewhere. Me being on of these people. I own GEN1 but Maybe an actual list of parts would be beneficial to your sale? Just a suggestion. Good luck!

There ya go.. The photo is vertical but the lovely image uploader on this wonderful site rotated it.

Majority of its on eBay now. Type seller:tknx in eBay search and it'll all come up.

All prices are ObO. Submit any offers. Need this stuff gone.

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