Mark VIII in Missouri


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Dec 27, 2022
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Very long time lurker, finally decided to join. I was a member of FordVsChevy since the late 90's along with LincolnsOnline. This was the "upstart" forum, with mostly Caddy guys! Or so it seemed. :) Anyway, after seven Mark VII's and 5 Mark VIII's here I am.

And I should probably share a little bit about the car.... 1997 Base model with 58k miles on the odo. Trailered it up from Arkansas in the fall and started doing all of the usual things. Everything with a ball joint had to be replaced as they were original and the rubber boots were gone. Someone had done a partial spring conversion and had put some terribly incorrect steel springs in the rear. I went ahead and went to all coils. Trans was still using the original fluid, so swapped that and the 1/2 shift accumulator. New wheels and tires. Next on the list is the blend door actuator. I've done it a handful of times before, but I still don't like it. Removing the front seats makes it much easier! The only other thing on the short list is getting the wiper washer useable again. Button and spring are long gone.
That is ugly
That's the Welcome Wagon spirit I was hoping for! :p I joined my first Lincoln forum in 1998, when flaming was part of the fun, so whatever. :rolleyes:

That said, the car was worse when I got it. Someone had made custom chrome brows for the wheel wells, and the factory aluminum wheels are in surprisingly rough shape for the low mileage. The bottom chrome on the sides will stay for a while until I figure out how to remove it without removing the paint as well. I just don't need it catching road salt and rusting the car down.

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