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Nov 1, 2004
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Does anyone know if a lowering kit for a 2 wheel drive Aviator is available? I want to lower my 2003 Aviator and a local shop who specializes in this told me that the kits are only available for AWD Aviators. Thanks
I seen a lowering kit for lincoln aviator 03 - 06 .It doesn't say if its for AWD or 2WD ? .It drops the AVI 2.25'' front & 2.00'' rear .I saw it on auto parts warehouse.:D hope this helps there should be others out there.
I was able to find out that there isnt a lowering kit for a 2 wheel drive only for AWD's. Does anybody know why the AWD lowering kit will not work for a 2 wheel drive Aviator? What is the difference in the set up other than the AWD version having more height?

I hope that someone here in the forum can help since last time no one seems to know much about this topic.

I know this is an old thread that I just happened upon, but have you thought about checking into drop kits for the '03 Explorer? I have a 2" Drop Force kit on my 2003 2WD Explorer and it works great.
I read one time on cardomain that the Explorer springs don't work on the Aviators. There was a lowered Aviator on there and he had the springs custom made. That was 2-3 years ago, so now probably there are some.
ya but with trucks using spring lowering technique sucks for a ack of better words. your camber will never be the same, your ride turns to crap, etc. Shoot hard for new A- Arms... if you dont do it right youll regret it... nothing worse than seeing your truck toe in when lookin at it head on. thats been my experience with my F150 and tahoe... havent gotten to the aviator yet gotta decide if i wanna void that warranty lol

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