Lowerd Coil Kit?


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Mar 12, 2016
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I remember looking online a while ago, and seeing lowered coil kits for the Mark VIII. Now when I look, I can't anything! All I'm looking for, is a way to prevent the air suspension error message and direct-install lowered coils (or coilovers). Does anyone know where I could something like this? Thanks, y'all!
Are you shopping under Ford Thunderbird when looking for coils? They're not going to appear if you try to tell a person on the phone or a website selector you're shopping for a Mark VIII because the Mark VIII wasn't built with coils. It merely happens to be able to be fitted with them because it shares the underpinnings with the MN12 chassis (with the addition of two support plates in the rear).

Strutmasters used (maybe they still do, I don't even know if they still make kits) to ship a pamphlet with the correct wires to snip to shut off the message center's complaints about a non-functioning air ride system. It's in a bundle above the glove box. Don't remember specifics but someone will know.

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