Lost bass in rear speakers HELP!!


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Feb 10, 2008
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OK I was listening to my ipod in my 97 town car (using a cassette tape) and then the bass in the back speakers make a weird sound and then was just gone. The speakers are not blown, I can put all the sound into any one I want and they still work perfectly and when I crank up the treb you can here it in the front and rears but when I go to turn up the bass, it only comes through in the front two speakers and it isn't very good, with nothing in the rear 2. HELP ME. What happened? Blew a fuse, or maybe I blew the amp. I know I have one back there. Has this ever happened to anyone else? If there is an easy to diagnose this i would greatly appreciate the input.
sounds like you blew the amp
The amp was bypased in my tc by the old owner and now it has not bass
So, if i blew my amp, should I just get a factory replacement or would a better amp make the sound system better. I don't know squat about speakers and soundsystems.
if the speakers are anything like the 2000 lincoln town car, they have a tweeter and a woofer, side by side, and you could have blown the woofer, it would explain why you would only hear the highs. i have two oem speakers i took out of the car, if thats the problem and they fit you are welcome to have them.
Wow, thanks V-Tally. I am not sure what exactly the problem is but if that is my problem then yes I would greatly appreciate the speakers. I am taking the advice from Dereck and am going to take a look at it on Friday. I will take out the spare tire take out the speakers and what not to see what exactly I have. Not sure if I have the sub-woofers or not, but I think I do, cause it was a decent sound system before. Thanks again for the help. I will let you know what I find out:)

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