Looking for 1997 Mark 8 headlights and taillights

New Old Stock is akin to winning the mega bucks lottery. Back when the 97 2nd gen was in the works, They all ready knew it was a dead model so they only built 30,000 97 & 98 2nd gen cars. NOS disappeared long ago. The best you can hope for is a garage queen parted out on Ebay. I got 2 decent headlights and a pretty good trunk light off there but waited for the right condition ones to come around.
I have a set of nice black 97 side taillghts. Also have center taillight on trunk. It needs ballast. I think a few tabs may be broken off. Looks ok from outside. There is an aftermarket solution if you do not have a ballast
I spot NOS items on ebay regularly, though they are expensive. If you just want 'clear' headlights, perhaps use a headlight refurbishing kit, such as 3M's, which I used with clear topcoat, to make my headlights 'like new'. The last front passenger headlight was listed on ebay only a couple of weeks ago, so keep your eyes out for them. Do a search, and then keep it and get notifications when something gets listed. Then jump on it when you find one. That's how I got a 'new' emissions tray for under the back end.

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