Lincoln LS-R at SEMA - Photos

Quik LS said:
nope - I just removed the plastic belly splash guard, IIRC there are 7 small screws and one push pin. Once it's off - you can reach up there no problem.

I then placed the box behind the grill, tie-wrapped it in - then ran the hose through the rad shield to the box.

sweet, thanks! :yourock:
guess im digg'n up bones but man I love the car even the Fin was thinking bout putting one on mine guess Im one of few I love the road racing look and grand am series cars this was exactly what I was looking for..:D
anyone know where i cna get those fender lips and bumper lips?? nand the rocker panels.. that is one hot ls
I have posted the photo before. I used down spout extension from Lowe's/Home Depot and ran it the same way as Quick LS. I have cleaned up the ends since photos were taken. Not pretty but works and is not that obvious.

CAI #2.jpg

Ram Air#1.jpg

CAI #1.jpg
Amazingly good look track car Marc, interesting seeing the 4 door LS setup for track. That spoiler is function over fashion; understand.
I tried looking for the Motorcity Speedcraft Aero Kit, but couldn't find anything. Must've been a one-time custom fabrication.

Oh, and holy dead thread revival...
OK heres one.

What if you ran that spouting into the baffle for the stock air box from the bumper grill?

Or, closed the spot on the air box where the baffle went into, drill or cut I guess you would say a hole into the bottom of the box and run the spouting into it like that?

And some FYI; That fender kit etc. is most likely made up of universal parts.
soon as i get a box for my filter I will have a custom ram air, I ante quite figured out how to post pictures so just check out my gallery and tell me what you think. thanks.
soon as i get a box for my filter I will have a custom ram air, I ante quite figured out how to post pictures so just check out my gallery and tell me what you think. thanks.

Click "Go Advanced" to bring up a more advanced posting method. Scroll down until you see a link that says "Click to Upload Photos"; click the link. Browse your comp until you find the pics you want to upload, then upload them. It will tell you the size limits for different file types and you might need to resize them before they will be uploaded. It's not too complicated.
Okay back to the $64K question Marc.
If you are going to race it in Grand Am, You are going to have to fit a manual trans right???

What trans are you fitting?????
oh ok...that thing is awesome...i dont mind the wing...although i feel i could have picked a nicer looking one, but it serves its purpose...the car is nicely done, i wonder what kind of tranny and engine it has...
Show car

Referring to photos of interior makes it clear that the car in question will never see a serious race track in that form. The roll bar padding is nice for getting in-n-out, to keep a head bump from hurting, but competition requires 'padding' that's so hard, you'd think it a plastic version of the steel tubing. In addition, the window net must be mounted to the inside of the roll cage. If the car were to lose a door entirely, and be sliding on its side, the net must keep all body parts from contact with the outside. This means all brackets must be mounted inside as well.

The five litre version of the AJ V-8 engine, used for road racing in England, makes 550 HP. That is what it takes to be competitive.
KenS from Ben's Place
Also, there are several LLSOC members that have routed a tube from the front of the air dam to the hole just below the filter to bring in the outside air. It's receiving much cooler air than the engine is bringing in :F

I am one of the many who have routed cool air to a KKM which I bought fom LSKONCEPTS. I have taken two Weapons R "Ram Air Kits", mounted them behind the lower grill and coupled them into one then routed the 3inch flex hose up through the hole in the inner fender well. I am receiving much cooler air than is present in the engine compartment and have noticeable and positive results. I recommend the product and supplier but suggest inclusion of either a heat shield; which can be purchased for as little as 9.95 or some version of Ram Air.

On a side note: it is unfortunate that civility is lost on some.

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