Lets try this again with some pics ...2001 3.9


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Jul 9, 2017
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Can anyone tell me where I can Find the rubber grommet for these two vacuum hoses
The rubber grommets fell apart on me and one even fell inside the hole...I think this is half my problem with my rough idle...Can I purchase a generic dorman grommet at the store or do I need a part #
As always thanks in advance
I found that Line of product it’s at advanced auto store but when I put my 2001 Lincoln LS in the part finder they said it doesn’t fit and they have 3 different sizes...I say bullshit! Lol I’m going to bring the vacuum conector and half torn off grommet to size all three I’ve had that happen before with auto store make/model finders and after physically going in with the part needing replacement it fit like a glove...Thanks for the common sense response my friend! Much appreciated and enjoy your rust free LS in Florida ....so jealous
Went to advanced auto the grommets were sold out. Went to O'Rielly's and found Dorman Grommets Help line brand for GM that fit perfect lol Grommets are Grommets I guess the GM grommets fit even more snug and sealed up the hole better than OEM ... Crazy
Glad it worked out for you and it doesn't matter what vehicle it was intended for as long as it fits. The inside and outside dimensions are shown in the link above so if the auto parts store didn't have it you could order one and try it since they're fairly inexpensive. I only point that out for anyone searching in the future.

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