I'm new, the LS isn't....do you recognize it?!


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Apr 26, 2014
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I bought Joe Tiseo's 2004 LS. I don't know his username on here so if you don't recognize the name you might recognize the car he was just starting to mod last year, and then sold to me. I heard that everyone on here didn't want him to sell it, lol. Well, it is in good hands, I always make sure everything is done right (which is why I am on here) on all my cars. I have had a couple other cars like an SVT Contour and a Grand Am GT1 that I did things too and thought I would keep. Grand Am was my first car and a lease, Contour eventually blew a rod and I sold it to a friend. But of all the cars I had I have to say I am really liking this one the best! I must say, Joe did a really great job so far! Has everything I wanted, anything else can be added, and it doesn't need much. I am from Rochester Michigan and will be hitting up the Dream cruise most likely even if all my stuff isn't installed. See ya on the posts!

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Haha, someone caught wind that this car was on here and let me know. This part of the forum doesn't get much traffic but I'll link it to where the LS guys hangout, troll, and offer great advice. Hope she's treating ya well!
Beautiful car! I am glad to see it went to a good home.
KRAZYKOB...Sent you a PM asking some questions, but I see ONE of them is answered with your post here! <thumb up>

Awesome...I asked whether you were from Michigan, NY or w/ever else and I see Michigan :) I used to live there and Troy for about 6yrs I think it was. Some of the guys I used to hang with are still in the area, and I've got two sisters just a stones throw from Rochester!

Take a moment to read thru what I asked you in the PM when you get some time, and TIA.

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