I have heat - now no message center display


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Nov 3, 2016
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So, this past Friday I replaced the blend door actuator in about 5 hours. Almost jumped for joy when sweet, sweet heat came out. Everything seemed to be working fine.

So, I was waiting on my roommate to get out of work, and the blower just stopped. Also the message center display is dead, and floor light under the dash on the passenger side is on all the time. The light dims and brightens depending on where the fan control is at.

So, either there's a ground wire that popped off, fuse, or a short somewhere I'm guessing.

Any ideas on where to look first? Only happened last night, so I haven't had a change to look yet.
Okay, fuses look okay (I know, not the best indicator, but I don't have a tester handy at work.)

Forgot to mention, the rear defroster no longer works as well.

Pulled the light bulb out from under the passenger side dash. Now, the message center will display the time, and messages when you turn the key off.

Will search as I have time, but any thoughts?
sounds like u pinched a wire when putting the dashboard back up... good luck let us know what you found
That's several different circuits which points most likely to an interrupted ground causing bizarre electrical activity.
Okay, got into on Friday.

Took the top panel off the dash, glove box, radio, defroster panel, and trim panel around the radio/shifter.

Tested the heater at that point, and it was working fine.

Put everything back together and it is working. Not sure what fixed it. Did find an extra screw on the passenger floorboard after it was all back together. It was longer and sharper than the glove box screws. It's possible I used that and dug into the wiring harness along the bottom edge of the dash.

When I get some time I'm going to make a closer inspection of that wiring harness to make sure if the wiring is nicked that I tape it off.

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