How long did your struts and shocks last?


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Apr 14, 2009
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Our '04 LS8 Sport is pushing ~118K miles and the dealer says the struts/shocks are still ok.

What has been everyone's experience with their struts/shocks?

At what mileage did you feel they needed to be changed?

Did you notice a big difference (assuming they weren't weeping/leaking)?
I think I'm still rockin' the one's it came from the factory with. Bought it with 77k miles and I'm up around 115k. Still feel good to me and the dealer and multiple other places agree.
On my 2000 Ive only changed them all once at around 120k & I got it at 46k. On my 06 with 56k I've yet to change them if you plan on changing them stick with oem shocks. I haven't seen or heard of any that last as long or feel as good.
I installed my European ride OEM shocks at 80K and at 203K now, see no shock-related issues. The OEM shocks are that good!
Replaced mine in April, 2000 with 124,000 miles but they probably should have been changed around 115,000 miles.
I replaces my front ones, but I hit a curb a couple winters ago and bent the chock and arm, so I had to, backs are still good.
changed mine at 110k while getting lowering springs. Noticeable improvement, much smoother over bumps (yes, even with the eibachs). But starting with shocks you may find many other suspension parts need to be changed; that's not a bad thing, just saying...
I also found out that the repair shop replaced my rear driver shock with a monroe :mad:
When it comes time for me to do this I'm going to go with the Bilstein shocks and H&R springs for the Jag. I just turned over 90K last weekend. Couple more years with these shocks I hope.
Replaced the fronts at 110k and never replaced the rears at 135k now and everything is still good, I would definetly go with oem shocks if you are replacing any of them.

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