I put a kit in a halogen housing, very happy with it.

If you have the real HID housing, better to get a properly made kit as above. Besides, few make a base thats 9500, which is what you need, not the 9005 used for your high beam and both on mine.
Im still waiting to get my hands on a dead 9500 to see If I can help you guys out.
Yes, his kit works well. I think he sells them on eBay, they are only for a Mark VIII.
he sold quite a few, all with good results from what Ive heard. glad to see he is still around so when my hids finally go out i have a option
I sell them as well, but I dont really advertise it here since I havent payed the advertising fees.

Somebody educate me. I want to redo the reflectors on my lights then switch over to something brighter. My '94 lights suck.
Can one of you guys send me a pic and/or schematic of one of these kits? How much? How hard to do?
I've already rewired the lights so that both low and high beams are on at the same time when the highs are turned on.
All you do is plug it in, like any lamp. Really easy, no need to go into detail really. But get your housing done or order new ones. mespock knows someone who will re-do them professionally.
here are some pics.

IMG_5132 [50%].jpg

IMG_5133 [50%].jpg

IMG_5135 [50%].jpg

IMG_5136 [50%].jpg

IMG_5137 [50%].jpg

IMG_5138 [50%].jpg

IMG_5142 [50%].jpg

IMG_5140 [50%].jpg

IMG_5141 [50%].jpg

IMG_5143 [50%].jpg
Any one doing a write up on this along with pictures so it can be put in the tech article section. Luv to see how it would perform in Gen1 new housings that were non HID

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