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Nov 1, 2007
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Since Im aware that the Bulbs have been discontinued, I need some help to help out fellow forum members,

I need to know Bulb type, temprature and connector type. and if someone can post pics of the bulbs I can pass this info on to my HID manafacture and get spare new bulbs built.

Thanks for your time.

You can already get them. Not from Ford, but there are people who sell re-based kits. The problem is you WILL need ballasts. They original HID capsules were DC I believe and the process that was used to create them is no longer legal or cost effective. The only option is the "standard" AC type, which would require ballasts replacement. This makes the first swap a little expensive, but you can get re-based lamps for about $30 if you already have the right ballasts in place.

But the capsule type is a 9500. Color range is about 6000k I believe.
What Im asking is, Do people want me to get them Bulbs for thier HID's?

My manafacture is willing to tool up to make the bulbs...
I''m sure that people would buy the bulbs if they are priced reasonably Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there is a slight difference between Gen I HID bulb and the Gen 2 HID bulb.
Gen1 and Gen2 bulbs are the same. The Gen1s just didn't have a plug to seperate them so the headlight with bulb right to the ballast was all connected and considered a unit. I have a Gen2 bulb in my Gen1 right now, just had to cut the plug off and splice her in.
There is no difference. The only thing was in 97 where the HID was hard-wired in. In 98 there were plug-in style again.

As for making bulbs again, yes I am sure no one would have a problem. But if they require new ballasts, which they will, and cost too much then I dont see why the wheel have to be re-invented again.

Like I said, there are solutions out there now that seem to satisfy everyone.
is the base 9500 or 9005? Im personally not familar with the 9500 plug.
they are 9500 based, old technology. PM me if you want some details on a conversion kit
Ok, let me ask you this. Are the Gen1 HID housings available bare, with no bulbs from Ford or anyone else?
No they are not. They are REALLY hard to find, new or used. eBay is the best bet for these.
I got 2 complete sets of the HID housings from Car-Parts.com. The only bad thing is that you will have to clean them up since they are used and usually have pit marks and/or scratches. But you can use Novus Plastic Polish to take care of the scratches/pit marks.
Well, I called 3 people off of car-part.com and their parts were sold already. Why don't companies delist there product, if they're no longer available.
Did I read the earlier post correctly,
Mafioso thinks he might have found a third party builder to make reproduction stock HID bulbs?

I'm not sure how large the market is, but I know everyone of us will eventually need replacements. But, as is always the case, it'll be an issue of cost. I suspect that if a pair of reproduction bulbs cost more than about $200, they're going to be difficult to sell.

I know that I would be very interested in a stock replacement, I wince every time I have to turn my HIDs on. I often find myself just using my marker lights if I can get away with it to save a few extra minutes of life.
Calabrio you read correct, I need to find the white papers on the bulbs if at all possible. I have connections to a manafacturing facility. But I cant have spares made without all the research :)
Passenger HID is out.

I have a 97 GenII and my pass side HID is out. Only a matter of time before I get a ticket. :( A couple questions.....
When I turn the lights on, the one that is "out" flickers 4 or 5 times then nothing.
Does that mean its the bulb or the ballast that is bad? I plan on connecting the good bulb to the pass side ballast to try and determine which is bad.
If the bulb is bad, I think 04SSHD's kit sounds like my next best option.


Thanks in advance. These cars sure are a labor of "love" :rolleyes:

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