HID conversion complete! also have stock bulb 4 sale

My HID Conversion kit can be found at http://www.hidsolutions805.com

HID conversion is complete! Here are the pics-







ALOT brighter then stock!!!


New HID^


Old HID (stock)^

Updated with new info. Kits can still be purchased through ebay and off of my website at http://www.hidsolutions805.com

Our new kits use Digital Ultra Slim ballasts and 35w bulbs made in Japan!
i how the last few post go from aug 30 2007 to feb 4th 2009. i actually found this thread from your ebay listing. so heres a free bump and i might have to pick one of these up. .. on a scale of 1-10 how hard is it to actually do the full conversion.
The install is not too hard, I say about a 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale.

I also have a discount offer for LVC members. If you need a kit and checkout through our shopping cart. Use coupon code "qx25r" to receive 10% off your order at http://hidsolutions805.com
havent heard from him lately. an option is to contact DLF on his delrin adapter rings that will allow you to use a generic HID headlight kit in your stock HID housings.

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