Help! Spilled hand sanitizer on my black interior trim.


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Dec 11, 2019
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It stained the 'squishy' material, I'm not sure if it's vinyl or some sort of soft plastic.

The sanitizer left a white stain and when I wiped it off with a tissue some black colouring came with it. I'm guessing it ate through the dye (or paint?).

Is there any product I can use to restore the area or at least make the stain less noticeable?
The alcohol dried white. What part of the interior? Where specifically?

Right in the red circle (not my interior, I'll get a photo when I can)

Now that it has dried... try a soft wash cloth soaked in warm water.. Wipe gently. Don't scrub.

I have to believe that the surface is painted and not dyed through if the color was lifting. Not sure though.

When Covid first hit I was spraying down all plastic surfaces in my 95 Ford truck, with 90% isopropyl. It turned everything white. I used the warm water/wash cloth idea and it all wiped off.

It's just a film/residue left from the alcohol drying.
If I recall correctly, that is textured plastic, and is probably painted. In any event, it is not too difficult to remove, and it can be painted. Alternately, it may not be too hard to find that at a local pick-n-pull.
Did the trim material change between generations? I'd have to look for a second gen scrap if that's the case.

I don't know about the actual material, but I'm sure that the size and shape did. Yes, the donor car needs to be the same generation as yours.
Depending on where you live... you may find an automotive paint store that can custom mix some car interior paint in a spray can... for your console, to repair it.

You would also want some self etching primer as a bonding agent for good adhesion of the color coat. That is also usually available in a spray can.

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