Gen1 LSE in IL -55k, $10k

Beautiful LSE ...but really almost $10,000 ...bought my 2002 LSE 120,000 miles for $400 rebuilt upgraded transmission $3000 so I have I have a beautiful Black on Black 2002 LSE for $3400 ...hmmm do the math around $6000 dollar difference
This car is GOURGOUS!! I think I'm in love. :cool:

Hope this car goes to a good Lincoln enthusiast home.
they definitely want "all the money" for it, I am not sure market is there yet on these. But the buyer at this price will definitely see/perceive "all the value"

Maybe someone will buy it and show up here with one of the following introductory threads:
1 - Coolant issue Gen1 LS
2 - Fan not working? (Gen1LS)
3- Squeaking over bumps, Gen1LS

:D :D :D

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