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Oct 7, 2023
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Farmville, VA
Just replaced the fuel pump on my '98 LSC. Got the car to start and drive, but I'm getting inconsistent power and stuttering on acceleration. Used cataclean and seafoam in the tank with good results but still stuttering.

Even though the car starts+drives, the fuel gauge momentarily flashes the actual level on startup, then drops to Empty once the car starts idling softly. I then get a Fuel Sender Open message that can't be cleared. Pretty sure it's the electrical connectors coming from the car that need to be cleaned/tended to. Does anyone know the names of the two connectors shown in the pic? Does either one solely operate the fuel gauge?

Pump and sending unit run sould work independently
So check to make sure you have proper fuel pressure at the shader valve under the hood during operation
Shuddering is also commonly caused by bad tranny fluid resulting in converter shutter
I would start to on ensuring there is a right fuel pressure.

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