FS: Rims and Gen 2 LSE side skirts


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Aug 3, 2011
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I may be moving in the next month or so and I don't want to take these with me. I have a set of 06 LS rims with good tires on them. I have no use for them since they no longer fit on my car after I did the Jag brake upgrade. I also have the original spare. The rims are the silver ones and are in good condition. They have some very minor rash in a coupe spots but nothing bad at all. I would rather do a local sale since shipping would probably cost a lot. The side skirts are in excellent condition and I will ship these. I will post pics later today. As for the price for these items, just PM me reasonable offers. I am willing to part with these for cheap, especially the wheels/tires.

Here are some pictures of the skirts for anyone who is interested. Again, I am selling these for cheap since I don't want move them and just have them sit and collect dust for another year. These pictures suck but they are all I have for now. If your car is black, these would definitely not need paint. The overall condition is 9/10.





Can you post pics of the rims and tires , just to have an idea of what im picking up :)

Here is a picture of the wheel in the worst condition. It has a couple spots of rash on it. One of the other wheels also has a spot and the other two have no spots of rash. The tires are in decent shape and are a few years old. I only used these during the winter. The center caps don't have the Lincoln emblems. I used those for my sentas.


hell thats good enough for me , they will be my project dip wheels
I am looking for 250 obo plus shipping for the skirts
I still have the skirts. I am looking for more than 150 for them. These are very hard to find used and in excellent condition. I think they still can be bought new from Ford, but they cost over 1000 for the pair, lol.

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