For Sale FS: Lincoln LS Eibach Springs


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Jul 5, 2008
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Grain Valley, MO
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I am selling my Eibach lowering springs. Part # 3592.140 They will fit any year Lincoln LS. The front springs have been used a year and the rears were only used for 5 days. The price for LVC members is $175 plus shipping.
Not yet. I just cut my factory springs so I could sell these. Coilovers will come eventually.
Im interested in them... heres the thing... would I need to do anything or replace anything else to lower it? or is a Plug and Play type deal...

Never lowered a car.... this is my first car I wanted to lower.
Not exactly as easy as plug and play but you dont need anything else to lower your car. The alignment shop may say you need a camber kit but a good alignment shop can do it with out the kit. All you need to do is remove your shock/spring assembly and compress the spring to remove it. Compress the Eibach and install it on the shock.
Ok. I talked to my buddy anyways Im considering it. but the gf is controlling the money. I will get back to you... with in the week. no need to hold it if you have a serious buyer sell them.... ill let you know asap. thanks!!!

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