Flashing Check Engine Light


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Jan 26, 2008
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Northern California
2004 V8

My check engine light illuminates and flashes when I accelerate or go up a hill. It feels like it's misfiring.

This was intermittent.

It started right after I filled up with some shell 92, I have since filled up again and it continues.

It's all the time now. However the check engine like has gone off and the car continues to misfire.

I took it to the Lincoln dealer and they gave me some line about about bad coils and having to run a $250 stress test + $50 to put it on the rack + 3 hours of work at $50 an hour.

I left.

I have been looking at ordering auto-tap + the enhanced ford parameters package. $300

Any suggestions?
This is now covered by extended factory warranty. You should have received a letter about it.
If you still have the factory warranty, this shold be a non-issue. If you don't, Ford put an extended factory warranty on the coils, boots, and valve cover gaskets. Like was mentioned, you should have or will receive a letter about it.
I posted the info for the 2003 LS. Do a search on here for the word "program" and you should find newer threads with the information for the 2004s.

The dealer replaced seven coils under the extended warranty, they said the eighth didn't qualify. I'm greatfull for the warranty, but I wish they had called me, I would have foot the bill to replace the eighth.
...they are basically a recall on all the ones that went bad in the 2nd gens
It's just a warranty extension, which is not at all like a recall. If it were a recall, you'd get a letter telling you to take the car in so they could replace the COPs, failed or not; as it stands, you can only get them to replace the COPs after they've failed.
These warranty coils, should I expect them to fail in 50k miles like the originals?

Yeah pretty much. There were a few people here working on getting tougher, more reliable, after market replacements made but the projects have yet to make it to fruition.
But you can get 8 coils on Ebay for about 150 bucks plus shipping if it ever comes around to needing them again.

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