error codes p2110,p0122 and p0223


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Oct 22, 2019
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about 2 months ago was trying clean throttle for better ildling and etc , but later on these codes pop up for a fact I triggered , improper installation ?
How old are the ignition coils and what brand are they? ETC errors are very frequently caused by failing coils throwing EMI, particularly the coil closest to the PCM
While ETC problems are often caused by marginal coils, I don't think that I've ever seen bad coils trigger P0122 or P0223. However the same problems that cause P0122 and P0223 will always trigger P2110.

I suspect that either the TPS has been damaged, the wiring damaged to it, or it is not plugged in correctly.
If you have Forscan or similar, you can monitor the TPS (key on, engine off) while you manually move the throttle plate and see if the reading changes and is rational. (Start with a physical examination though.)
gotta be cautious cleaning electrical. I ran into an electrical/contact cleaner that depolymerized some of the plastics and basically turned some connectors to dust. been advised to not mention any names, but the company is florida based and the can is red. use specifically labeled cleaners when cleaning around sensors. but, advise is worth what you pay for it...
Deox-it works well... and is plastic friendly. More expensive than CRC though.

The QD electronic cleaner is ok... but the electro motive stuff is hard on plastic. Pretty much a harsher version of brake parts cleaner.

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