Electric fan conversion questions (V6)


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Nov 3, 2020
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Alright, my hydraulic fan pump is no good. I replaced the actuator before and it runs but now the pump itself is leaking from the back. I'm done with the hydro fan and switching to an electric fan but I need all the info I can get. Searching through the forums what I've found that I can either go with an aftermarket fan or fit a gen 2 fan. Also I would have to turn the old pump pulley into an idler pulley after the conversion.

My question is what size fan should I look for when going aftermarket? I'm trying to find one that fits without serious cutting or modifications. Any links would be appreciated for those that have done this before. I'm hoping to do this around $150-$200
Ok, I got this done. $50 amazon fan wired to come on with ignition, no controller for now. I might add a toggle switch later on.
Went with the complete delete of the hydro system since it makes me feel better with it completely gone.

I used the Ford Escape idler bracket seen in this thread in place of the old pump pulley, & the old belt fits fine as well

total cost is less than $100
Yes it's a lifesaver, the thread was a bit hard to find I guess not a lot of people would know about it if they weren't thoroughly searching the forum, but hopefully linking it from here will improve that.
Yeah... I remembered it... but couldn't figure out the key search words to find it.

Glad you did because a couple current members might find it helpful.

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