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Nov 8, 2004
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I have an 01' V8 sport and want to put the Eibach springs on it. I understand that will lower the front 1" and the back 1.1". I have some questions...First, I read somewhere that you should consider changing the shocks if change to those springs. Is that correct and if so what brand and what model. Second, will lowering the rear 1/10" more give the car a "sagging" rear end look? Lastly, what is a reasonable charge for labor to put on those springs? (or springs and shocks if need be) Thanks for any info.
you wont notice a .1" difference front to rear, so it wont look like the rear is sagging at all

struts, I'd try to find a kyb (agx series are nice), billstein or koni...but I don't think they make an ls specific strut

No clue on the labor, it all depends on their hourly rate. Maybe you could find a friend to help or provide tools for the install. An impact and spring compressor would be the only "special" tools you need. The car will also require an alignment if the struts are changed
I've got the Eibach's on my LS and love them. It lowered my car exactly one inch all the way around. I have the standard shocks and the ride is great. However, if you want a stiffer shock then look at the sport version from the dealer or Ford Parts Network. Now if you want a real stiff ride get the European version shock. It'll jar your teeth.

My dealer installed my Eibach's and aligned the front for around $200. Remember you can NOT align the camber on the rear. Only the caster.

You won't be sorry if you go with the Eibach's.

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