Crank, no start issues continue


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Dec 20, 2018
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I've been battling the intermittent crank but no start issue. The one mechanic changed the fuel regulator and filter. It ran OK for a week then died again. Fuel pressure is fine. PO605 error code. Another mechanic couldn't deal with it and sent it to the dealer. My car started the second it got off the tow truck. Dealer had it for one week (without contacting myself or the referring mechanic as to what they were doing) and the referring mechanic called them up. he put a stop to their experiments as they could not replicate the error code and quit trying to find the problem. So I got a huge bill all for nothing.

The dealer literally has no idea if clearing the code (when it comes up again) will work, whether it's the PCM, or wiring. I am now really upside down over this issue. The dealer "claimed" the PCM box was opened up and he says someone put a chip in it at one point and took it out. I cannot trust his analysis because he couldn't tell me exactly what they did with my car for a week, other than claiming they spent 3 hours on it.

Should I get a PCM off of Ebay? I have no test equipment or area currently to do this myself as far as tracing wiring. I figured the dealer should have done that at least. My guess is they just hooked up the scan tool and saw no error codes and called it a day.
Bad crank sensors/loose wiring on harness are common issues on these cars. When it happens again, unplug the sensor and plug it back in then attempt a restart.
I’d honestly just replace the crankshaft position sensor. They are cheap and after 21 years and/or 120k mi it’s not a bad idea.
Thanks guys. I'll hopefully get that done next week. The car is still in the no start zone and I haven't been able to check out the crank sensor yet.

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